Phil-Am 2015 Valentine’s Party

Welcome to your new Association’s website!

This is still in the works and contents are constantly updated so please refer to this from time to time.

In order to minimize environmental impact as well as saving our Association significant amount of money (printing, postage, manpower), we are planning on totally going all digital by the end of this year.

Did you know that it can cost us at least $375 getting it mailed to all 180 registered members and several other people who are not active member but still would like to be included so they can be in the know?

We will be slowly but surely phasing out the physical newsletter by sending notifications through email and facebook that the new edition of the newsletter is out.

This way, it will hopefully be able to have a much wider reach and we can access even those people who are not on Facebook.

Thanks and keep on checking us out periodically for the latest update on what’s going on with our Association and plans for the future.



  1. Ashok Patel says:

    On behalf of Christy and myself, thank you for the special opportunity to participate in the induction of your new Officers.

    We enjoyed meeting many friends and mentors, dancing to some of our favorite songs, and sharing a wonderful meal with all of you!

    Thank you also for promoting and supporting the Olmsted County’s Mutual Respect Initiative (signing our Purple Ribbon pledge for civility, inclusivity, hospitality, and compassion).

    • Bivs Malibago says:

      Glad you and Christy enjoyed the night with our Phil-am friends.I sincerely appreciate your time and honored for performing our Induction of officers. You are highly admired and greatly respected Role Model of Diversity in our wonderful city of Rochester, a leader for promoting mutual Respect an important initiative one that our organization embraces and holds as part of our mission. .Thank you so much for joining our celebration and hope to see you and christy again.Bring the whole family.
      Bivs Malibago

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